Every piece of jewelry comes with a personalized message that goes along with your chosen collection. Want to write your own message for a special someone! Email us your special words at www.deleaylashay@deleaylashay.com Please keep in mind that all wording must be under 80 characters due to our set format.

  • Although we love wearing amazing big earrings, sometimes jewelry can be too heavy for our ears, stretching our earlobes in the future. Due to Deleay Lashay’s artistry and love for designing, size can expand, but not to worry we only give the illusion that our pieces are heavy. A great deal of our earrings are lightweight for your comfort.
  • Sometimes Manufactured jewelry breaks within 2 - 4 weeks. We take much pride and joy in handcrafting our pieces it's guaranteed to last longer, and if an unfortunate accident were to occur it’s backed by warranty replacement within 30 days.
  • No pieces are identical. Deleay Lashay always uses her personal touch in transforming each piece into a singularly unique work of art. All hand-painted items will have the brand’s personal signature displayed on them.