Hello Loves! My name is Marissa Deleay Lashay Kendrick. My work is very personal to me and is driven by my own emotions. I recreate the idea of reality in the world we live in and the walls became my personal canvas by age three. I grew up in a household where our family mission was to create something out of nothing. I have found joy in encouraging and motivating others by sharing my story and others' through my love of art.

Artist Statement: 

My art deals with transformation, self identity, recovery, destiny and inner power. My best work has come from pain, faith and failure. Sometimes the hardest moments from our past can create the biggest opportunities for your future. My medium can change but the process and methodology is consistent. From Jewelry, paintings, drawings and wearable art. My earlier work has been bold colors while evolving into working with black and white hues, that form a collaboration between handwritten thoughts and maze-like patterns. I recreate the idea of reality in the world we live in. We place belief in the things we can see, but I focus on the unseen. I explore mental isolation from the realities of the world and I'm heavily influenced by the idea of faith and believing the unbelievable.



Marissa Kendrick is an entrepreneur, artist, designer, and humanitarian. Inspired by art, storytelling and a desire to empower others in their life journey, Marissa founded the Deleay Lashay in 2010 as a wearable art jewelry brand. Since then, the Deleay Lashay brand has expanded into Fashion, Lifestyle goods (cushions, paintings, textiles and more. With an extensive background in Fine Arts, Performance Art, and Fashion Design, her work is a combination of mixed media, bold illustrations, creative writing and visual art. 


Marissa’s story is unique. Originally from Gary, Indiana, she moved to Chicago where she attended Columbia College and the Illinois Institute of Art. In 2012, she was selected as the winner of the Olympic Design Team and offered a full scholarship and trip to Milan, Italy where she attended NABA University which is internationally ranked among the world’s best design schools. Marissa continued to flourish in her skill sets during her time in Milan.


After returning to the United States in 2013, she facilitated a series of fashion productions, pop up shops, showcases and gallery openings. Her work was featured throughout the States in cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C. and California. Her work was also featured at the Black Women’s Expo, Essence Festival in New Orleans. 


In addition to founding the Deleay Lashay brand and traveling with it extensively, she also founded the Deleay Lashay 3 Day Summer Camp which was designed to inspire and to empower young girls between the ages of 12-15 to discover their inner creativity, strengthen their identity and grow in their confidence. 


In 2016, Marissa left the states and moved to London where she spent one year producing a series of artwork entitled “London Inspired”. This consisted of several large scale paintings and a series of luxury pillows and other home decor items. 

In 2017, she launched a new “Deleay Lashay” Pop Up Shop series at The Dollop Cafe in Hyde Park Chicago, Illinois where she showcased her newest elevated designs inspired by her travels both nationally and internationally. From there, her work was chosen to be featured in the Hyde Park Connect Gallery and at the renown Hyde Park Silver Room Block Party for up to 40,000 attendees. Her business was featured alongside a host of Chicago’s top businesses and international featured artists such Tobe Nwigwe, Liv Warfield, America’s Best Talent artist Sharon Irving and many more.

In 2019, Marissa served as a creative arts teacher at the East Chicago Performing Arts school. 


In 2020, she opened her own creative studio space in Chicago for designing and selling her work while traveling back and forth between Chicago and West Africa. Later that year, she expanded her brand to Ghana, West Africa where she currently resides as a practicing artist and jewelry designer. Her brand and skill sets have been featured in that area as a part of the creative team for ACCRA art week at the luxury Kempinski Hotel in Ghana. She has also done a host of charity work in Ghana for local schools in partnership with a local non profit organization.

Marissa and her Deleay Lashay brand continues to be inspired by West Africa which can be seen in her latest work.