Hello Loves! My name is Marissa Deleay Lashay Kendrick. My work is very personal to me and is driven by my own emotions. I recreate the idea of reality in the world we live in and the walls became my personal canvas by age three. I grew up in a household where our family mission was to create something out of nothing. I have found joy in encouraging and motivating others by sharing my story and others' through my love of art.

Artist Statement: 

My art deals with transformation, self identity, recovery, destiny and inner power. My best work has come from pain, faith and failure. Sometimes the hardest moments from our past can create the biggest opportunities for your future. My medium can change but the process and methodology is consistent. From Jewelry, paintings, drawings and wearable art. My earlier work has been bold colors while evolving into working with black and white hues, that form a collaboration between handwritten thoughts and maze-like patterns. I recreate the idea of reality in the world we live in. We place belief in the things we can see, but I focus on the unseen. I explore mental isolation from the realities of the world and I'm heavily influenced by the idea of faith and believing the unbelievable.



Marissa Kendrick is a vibrant entrepreneur, artist, designer, and humanitarian driven by an abiding love for art, storytelling, and a fervent dedication to empowering individuals on their unique life journeys. As the founder and CEO of Deleay Lashay, a distinguished wearable art jewelry and accessories brand, Marissa transforms creativity into a tangible expression.


Marissa's entrepreneurial path unfolded organically as she delved into art as a hobby, crafting distinctive earrings that embodied her personal style. Encouraged by positive feedback and inquiries, she transitioned from a hobbyist to a small business owner, sharing her exceptional creations with a broader audience.


Hailing from Gary, Indiana, Marissa pursued education at Columbia College and the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Her artistic prowess was recognized in 2012 when she triumphed in the Olympic Design Team competition, earning a summer scholarship to NABA University in Milan, Italy. Upon her return in 2013, Marissa organized fashion productions, pop-up shops, and showcases across the United States, including prominent events like the Hyde Park Silver Room Block Party and the Black Women’s Expo, Essence Festival in New Orleans.


Beyond her business ventures, Marissa established the Deleay Lashay 3 Day Summer Camp, empowering girls aged 12-15 to explore creativity and build confidence. In 2016, she immersed herself in London, creating the "London Inspired" collection, featuring paintings and luxury home decor. The subsequent year marked the launch of Marissa's Pop-Up Shop series in Chicago.


In 2019, Marissa shared her creative expertise as an arts teacher at the East Chicago Performing Arts school. In 2020, she established her creative studio in Chicago and expanded her brand to Ghana, West Africa, where she resides in part. Her work graced ACCRA art week at the Kempinski Hotel, and she actively engages in philanthropy for local schools in Ghana, hosting her inaugural showcase last summer.


Back in Chicago, Marissa is dedicated to community motivation through diverse art therapy workshops. Her recent collaboration with the Women's Live Artist Studio at Navy Pier provided both youth and adults with a creative outlet, expressing guided creativity through art. Marissa's impactful journey continues to inspire and uplift, embodying the transformative power of art in every endeavor.