Royal Gold Amethyst
Royal Gold Amethyst Royal Gold Amethyst Royal Gold Amethyst Royal Gold Amethyst Royal Gold Amethyst
$ 280.00

 Royal Gold Amethyst is an example of making something out of nothing; it’s the reflection of the idea of natural beauty. The true beauty lies in mixing rough hardware and mechanical pieces to create breathtaking wearable art. In a way, it’s metaphoric for the way women look at themselves. We as people are simply a working progress; one big unplanned jewelry design. We are the reflection of rough elegance; every piece of our journey makes us who we are by highlighting the beauty we possess after our roughest moments.

Notes from Designer: Rough Elegance can be compared with the challenges of life being sometimes rocky, rough, and unpredictable. I did not know how this piece would turn out and although I had planned and sketched it, in a way, the design for it really came naturally. There are somethings in life that are out of our control, but it’s those situations that lead to creating the most beautiful outcomes we could have ever imagined.

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