Triangle love I
Triangle love I Triangle love I Triangle love I
$ 65.00

Triangle Love is a  continuous collection of bold colorful triangle shapes. Every angle represents a facet of your unique personality and style. Like the vertices of a dream, these earrings symbolize the points where creativity, elegance, and self-expression intersect. Just as each side of a triangle lends stability to its form, let these earrings remind you of your inner strength and resilience. Wear them not just as jewelry, but as a statement of the masterpiece you are!

Handcrafted in Ghana West Africa 

Product Description
* Size 2.5 " long 1'' wide 
Color: Black & Two-tone gold
* Hypoallergenic, stainless steal post
* Lightweight, Handcrafted, Assorted glass stones 
*Please note, for health reasons earrings can not be returned nor exchanged.